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There are a number of benefits of supply chain mapping including traceability, rationalisation, enhanced management, improved compliance and brand enhancement. Supply chain mapping is an essential exercise for brands, retailers and manufacturers in the wake of growing demand for traceability and transparency.

The process of enhancing supply chain visibility is a valuable first step in improving the social and environmental footprint of a global supply chain. Visibility can begin to mitigate sustainability risks; by better understanding what the supply chain looks like, organisations are in a position to make more informed decisions and prioritise areas of focus.

Material supply chains are often multi-tiered, international and large. While some brands and retailers have invested in identifying more of their supplier base, many are only aware of those suppliers from whom they are directly purchasing materials. Without supply chain visibility, brands and retailers are at a greater risk of environmental and social malpractice that can be of significant detriment to a brand’s reputation.

5x Commercial Benefits of Supply Chain Mapping

Eurofins | BLC provide a service that rigorously identifies and quantifies the specific risks that may be encountered within a materials supply chain. In doing so, organisations are provided with information that not only enables them to make informed decisions to reduce the risk of reputational damage, but also to add value.

Benefits of Supply Chain Mapping

Traceability. This benefit of supply chain mapping allows organisations to substantiate claims regarding the origins of materials and products.

Supply chain rationalisation. By gaining a better understanding of those suppliers from whom different materials are sourced, organisations can enhance their buying power by rationalising their supplier base. In addition to the commercial benefits associated with a rationalised supply chain, organisations can use this buying power to leverage for the implementation of environmental and social best practice.

Strategic management.  Bespoke risk analyses allow for the key sustainability challenges associated with the supply chain to be identified and combatted from an informed position. Moreover, our analyses allow for those suppliers of greatest potential risk to be identified and prioritised.

Compliance. In addition to the greater interest of political actors in matters of supply chain management, a growing number of organisations are incorporating supply chain visibility into contractual agreements, and many are themselves incorporating sustainability considerations into internal compliance programmes. By undertaking a Supply Chain Mapping project with Eurofins | BLC, organisations are provided with a custom-built tool that can prove your compliance with external requirements and track the compliance of your own supplier base.

Brand enhancement. The information gathered as part of a Supply Chain Mapping project can allow brands and retailers to make evidenced claims about how their products are manufactured, something that can be used to differentiate from competitors.  

See how the benefits of supply chain mapping can enhance your commercial business decisions To find out more about the Supply Chain Mapping service provided by Eurofins | BLC, please visit our dedicated supply chain mapping web page, email or call +44 (0)1604 679 999.

5x Commercial Benefits of Supply Chain Mapping

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