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Do you want to include leather traceability within your supply chain but are unsure of the technical challenges in doing this?

Do you have existing mapping software or data collection for your other material supply chains?

If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, then BLC’s Expert Support Package for leather supply chain mapping would be ideal for you. BLC will use our expertise of the leather industry to generate supply chain information, validate the data and conduct a full risk analysis of the results.


Adding Leather Traceability to Your Existing Supply Chain

Many organisations have begun to map their material supply chains as a way of tackling the increasing demands regarding traceability. You may have begun to do this for textile products but are unsure of how to include leather into your data due to the specific challenges within the sector. As industry experts within the leather sector, BLC’s knowledge and position make us an ideal partner to help you understand what your leather supply chain looks like.


How Does BLC’s Expert Support Package Work?

By applying our knowledge and expertise, the BLC Expert Support Package will help you generate and capitalise on your leather supply chain data.

Support begins with the design and production of a tailored supply chain questionnaire for your suppliers to complete, and we will review the data received, using our expertise of the leather industry. Additionally, any regions where there are a high concentration of suppliers, we will analyse the levels of risk within these specific areas, considering issues such as environmental and social sensitivities, legislation, and governance.

BLC Members can take advantage of the Expert Support Package at a discounted rate.


Increase Your Leather Traceability Today

To increase the level of traceability of leather and leather sources in your supply chain, contact BLC today via: or call +44 (0)1604 679999.

Adding Leather Traceability to Your Supply Chain with BLC’s Expert Support Package

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