Leather Chemical Tests

BLC provides a range of chemical testing services for consumer products and samples made from leather:

APEO / NPEO Testing

BLC can test your finished products and samples for the presence of a group of endocrine disrupting chemicals known as Nonyl phenol ethoxylates or NPEO’s, as well as Alkylphenol ethoxylates or APEOs, which is the term used to describe the group of organic substances of which NPEO is one.

Chrome VI Testing

Ensure there are safe levels of chrome VI within your leather product. Test your leather products with BLC using ion chromatography. BLC also carry out chrome VI testing using the colorimetric method.

Heavy Metals Testing

It is important to test consumer products for heavy metals as people can suffer acute or chronic toxicity (poisoning) if exposed at high levels. BLC can test your products for the presence of heavy metals including lead and cadmium.

Phthalates Testing

BLC can test your products to identify levels of phthalates which are known endocrine disruptors. This includes testing for the most common phthalate: di-exylhethyl phthalate (DEHP).

Restricted Substance List (RSL) Testing

BLC can provide fast, accurate, competitive, chemical testing of materials in the UK to specified Material Restricted Substance Lists (MRSL) and RSL lists. Types of MRSL and RSL testing BLC provide includes types tests (when selecting a new supplier), batch tests and due diligence testing.

Chemical Tests by Legislation

If you retail your products globally or to a specific region, BLC can support your business by providing advice and guidance on chemical legislation for consumer products.

Due Diligence Testing Programmes & Risk Management

While your company may test products directly with suppliers, it is best practice to ensure the test results your company receives are accurate through due diligence testing. BLC offer support and guidance on regular due diligence testing programmes for various lines and categories of products.

Sustainability News

Read the latest leather sustainability news from BLC. To access all news articles, visit our sustainability news page.