Restricted Substance List (RSL) Testing

RSL Testing for Brands & Retailers

BLC can provide fast, accurate, competitive, chemical testing of materials in the UK to specified MRSL and RSL lists.

Our recommended smart chemical testing system uses a simple model to manage risk and includes type tests for new suppliers, regular batch testing for existing suppliers and additional random assessments to monitor process variations.

Type Tests 

When selecting a new supplier we recommend a complete range of chemical tests on both material and product.

Batch Tests 

Once a supplier has been selected and the first batch of chemical testing succesfully completed, there is a reduced risk. Therefore, we recommend a process of regular monitoring, typically on an annual basis (although more frequent testing may be needed in high risk areas) for ensuring processing has not varied over time.

Due Diligence 

Processes will change over time and therefore a degree of risk management must be taken especially for restricted substances which may unknowingly be introduced into the material or production process by the supplier. Therefore, an element of intelligent chemical testing should be introduced into the protocol which is determined based on the type, value and quantity of material/product.

Reducing Costs through Smart Testing

Where multiple samples from the same supplier are to be tested, chemical testing costs can be reduced by implementing a smart testing regime. Further information on this can be provided upon request.

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