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Are you interested in learning about a robust traceability system that can be used for tracking hides and leather to origin and preventing counterfeiting leather products?

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MeiLin Wan, Vice President for Textiles at Applied DNA Sciences based in New York will make a presentation on DNA traceability at the Leather Compliance and Sustainability’ conference on 13th November.

Effective traceability of materials up the supply chain is the best way to manage sustainability risk and mitigate against potential environmental and social challenges. An effective traceability program can ensure you manage out deforestation risk from your supply chain.

Leather can be a particularly challenging material to effectively trace as it is a by-product of a different industry. Traditional methods for marking leather involve stamping, this can be difficult to record as the stamps will ultimately be cut out of any finished product and in some cases the stamp can actually damage the leather material.

Applied DNA Sciences have developed a system for marking leather through the leather value chain from field to product on shelf by using a DNA tag. This molecular-based technology can help protect products, brands, entire supply chains, and consumers from theft, counterfeiting, fraud and diversion.

MeiLin Wan is responsible for providing clients with innovative molecular business solutions to preserve the integrity of products, assure quality and enable responsible and sustainable sourcing practices globally. She leads the team to create commercial solutions under the CertainT platform for providing “forensic and authentic proof” for products that utilize materials such as cotton, synthetics, recycled PET, wool, viscose, leather, down and feather, and specialty coatings. 

For over 16 years, MeiLin has worked in the bioscientific field transforming the use forensic DNA and nanotechnologies into useful and novel consumer and industrial driven applications.

MeiLin Wan’s talk on DNA Traceability will take place at the Leather, Compliance & Sustainability Conference on 14 Nov 2019, Tapestry Offices, New York.

DNA Traceability talk at Leather, Compliance & Sustainability Conference.

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