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Leather traceability is a fundamental element of today’s value chain. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the how and where their leathergoods are made, therefore providing evidence of traceability of materials can be challenging for brands, retailers and manufacturers. Value chain mapping helps identify suppliers beyond tier one and further upstream.

How can brands and retailers trace the manufacture of leather?

The leather value chain is a complex and globalised network of suppliers, manufacturers, tanneries, traders, slaughterhouses and farms. Raw hides and skins, part-processed and fully processed material is commercially sold over an inter-continental area, meaning that leather traceability can be challenging to achieve.

At Eurofins | BLC, our value chain mapping software and tailored consulting services can help your business provide the necessary information to satisfy the needs of key stakeholders such as shareholders, consumers and NGOs. The knowledge your business will gain from leather value chain mapping will enable you to make more informed financial and commercial decisions through:

  • A detailed business report presented to your business
  • Visual mapping software with essential supplier information
  • An illustration of the connections between suppliers in your value chain
  • Increased risk assessment features including animal welfare, chemical, deforestation and modern slavery risks
  • Understand where leather and other materials are sourced

To understand leather traceability, view our video below:

What are the benefits of leather traceability and value chain mapping?

  • Provide evidence of leather traceability
  • Uncover previously hidden suppliers
  • Identify direct supply chain risks
  • Assurance for stakeholders
  • Digital global supplier map and report
  • Bespoke services designed to fit the needs of your business
  • Access to technical support
  • Provide business-wide access to supply chain information

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Increase Your Leather Traceability with Value Chain Mapping

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