Leather Consulting & Sustainability Consulting

Leather consulting and sustainability consulting services with a global reach.

BLC works as a leather consultant with many regional and international brands, retailers, distributors, suppliers and leather manufacturers to provide a range of leather consulting and sustainability consulting services for the leather supply chain.

At BLC, we understand that leather supply chains are complex global entities, and with our world-leading leather industry knowledge and expertise, we can help your company build a more efficient and sustainable leather supply chain through a range of leather consulting and sustainability consulting services, including:

  • Identifying and managing risk in your supply chain
  • End of life solutions for leather products
  • Circular economy and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Chemical management services and chemical consulting
  • Innovation to drive traceability
  • Policy development and review
  • Support with NGO interaction and brand reputation
  • Product specification and raw material sources
  • Product manufacturing consulting
  • Range specific issues in footwear, apparel, upholstery, clothing, apparel and textiles
  • Developing a sustainable leather strategy
  • Benchmarking your performance against competitors

How BLC leather consulting works – Finding a sustainable solution

Technical Expertise – BLC has a unique position the market place due to its technical expertise, which allows BLC to provide adaptable and agile leather and sustainability consulting services for your business.

Speed of Delivery – BLC are commercially minded and can quickly understand the issues you are facing to provide you with effective support.

Access to Knowledge – BLC use their knowledge of the leather sector to help steer you to solutions that are practically achievable, measurable and drive the aspirations of your business.

Industry Influencers – At BLC, long term sustainability is at the heart of everything we do; we are influencers in the leather sector towards leather sustainability.

Individual Projects – The very nature of the work BLC do in leather sustainability consulting means that each project is uniquely adapted to your needs and requirements.


For information on how we can support you to meet your sustainability targets and drive new opportunities please contact us via info@leathersustainability.com or call +44 (0)1604 679 999.

Sustainability News

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