NGOs & Brand Reputation

What impact do NGOs have on the leather, fashion, and retail industries?

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) are campaign groups which provide a service to the leather, fashion, and retail industries. NGOs raise awareness with consumers of negative issues that can affect the long-term sustainability of the sectors and deliver campaigns to draw attention to such issues.

Due to the complex nature of global supply chains for the fashion and retail sectors, there are many potential risks which, if left unchecked, can give rise to negative PR that damages brand reputation.


BLC can help your business manage sensitive communications with NGOs

To minimise risks to your brand reputation BLC can:

  • Help you understand the key drivers of an NGO campaign and the wider picture
  • Increase your understanding of the facts and realities on the ground
  • Support you to formulate a response to targeted NGO communication

For further information on understanding NGO campaigns; identifying potential risks in your supply chain; and support with responding to targeted NGO communications, please contact or call +44(0) 1604 679999.


How to manage brand reputation in an PR crisis

BLC recognises that occasionally your business may be targeted by a campaign and asked to respond on a potentially controversial issue. BLC understands that your business’ brand reputation is crucial to success and that preparation and careful management is required when communicating a sensitive issue.

Organisations within the leather, fashion and retail sectors need to be aware of NGO campaigns and understand the reasoning behind any targeted NGO communications. A lack of response or failure to respond appropriately can increase negative PR for your business as well as increase the risks associated consequences such as reputation damage and litigation.

At BLC, we use our position in the leather industry to stay up to date with the nuances of relevant NGO campaigns;


Major NGO campaigns in the leather, fashion and retail sectors include:

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