Mushroom leather

As part of the Sustainability Consulting team, Eurofins | BLC has a specialist team dedicated to supporting customers with research and innovation. With an extensive history in leather development and testing spanning more than 100 years, Eurofins | BLC can support clients with novel material development inclusive of quirky and emerging technologies in the leather and textile sector.

A good understanding of leather and other materials can be a positive foundation for engineering an array of new materials. Eurofins | BLC’s history, along with its broad network of upstream and downstream supply chain stakeholders, can enable customers interested in collaborating, to enhance their initial substrates and advance them from laboratory-scale, through to pilot-scale and beyond, to industrial scale with brand interest.

Alongside the analytical and physical testing laboratories at Eurofins | BLC’s UK-based facility are also on-site piloting facilities, enabling the research and innovation’s team of scientists to perform hands on development trials, coupled with testing and benchmarking.  

Whilst all projects are bespoke and designed to support the clients’ objectives, a typical novel material project would involve a collaborative multi-phased process, working with the client and their development teams to firstly understand the starting substrate, the customers objectives, and the longer-term vision. Beyond this theoretical evaluations and initial benchmark testing of the substrate before laboratory-scale trials and testing are undertaken, to advance the substrate’s manufacture process to a point that it is ready for scaling and of interest to external stakeholders.

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With experience in leather, microbial derived materials (inclusive of bacterial and fungal e.g., mycelial substrates) and collagen bio fabrication, if you are interested in talking to our team, please contact

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