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Microplastics – The unseen pollution of our time?

Join the Leather, Compliance and Sustainability – November 13th New York to understand how you can manage this risk.

Global plastic and microplastic contamination are swiftly becoming one of the most important environmental discussions of our time. Microplastic release, particularly through garment washing could have significant environmental pollution implications. The topic of Microplastics will be explored at the Leather, Compliance and Sustainability’ conference on 13th November.

There are many new materials entering the market as competitors to leather, the majority of these will use a form of plastic coating to provide a performance equivalence to leather. It is important therefore to understand the implications of microplastics and their release into the environment prior to making material choices.

Definitions of microplastics vary, however, most are classed as plastics that are smaller than 5mm in length down to a few microns across, which can be harmful to the environment. Many objects including garments and synthetic materials have the potential to shed microplastics when washed or rinsed in water under normal usage conditions.

Delegates will hear the latest developments on how to test for and understand microplastic release, the equipment available for identifying and classifying microplastics and how to benchmark materials based on their microplastic release rate.

Join the Leather, Compliance and Sustainability Conference to understand the right questions to ask to understand the potential microplastic release of your products. Delegates can use this information to make informed product and material choices. Consumer awareness of this topic is growing, ensure that you are up to date with the latest developments.

Delegates will also enjoy breakfast and networking with other industry representatives before the start of the program of expert speakers.  The event will include additional presentations that will cover some of the hottest topics in the leather industry, informing delegates on how to manage risks within their supply chain and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Full details of the event including the agenda can be found here

MICROPLASTICS – The unseen pollution of our time?

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