Add Value through Supply Chain Mapping

Supply chain mapping increases the value of your business by giving you greater visibility to make better decisions.

Supply chain mapping is a significant tool to support effective responsibility and compliance in the areas of environmental management and social responsibility, which are dependent on visibility within the supply chain beyond Tier 1 manufacturing. Having greater supply chain transparency upstream is essential to assess risk and manage stakeholders including NGOs. This can be achieved by supply chain mapping where BLC can identify as many tiers as possible including leather sources, chemical and raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors.

A better understanding of your supply chain will identify risk hot spots and allow for plans to be developed to overcome problems, mitigate issues and proactively manage a compliant and responsible supply chain.

Building a sustainable leather supply chain consists of assessments in the following areas:

  • Supplier visibility
  • Specifications and policies
  • Verification of commitments
  • Stakeholder communication
  • Testing
  • Measurements and audits
  • Legislation
  • Markets and geographical sensitivities

Supply chain mapping is a useful tool to check the health of your supply chain and gaining an understanding of how your business might be exposed to risks and what the consequences might be.

It is important to understand that supply chain risks can be both chemical and through sourcing.

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