Footwear Supply Chain Mapping

Footwear supply chain mapping services at BLC focus on mapping the global leather supply chain for the footwear sector.

Footwear supply chain mapping is essential to understand opportunities and risks in the global footwear industry. The footwear industry has a complex global supply chain with many companies sourcing raw materials and components from various countries around the world, often engaging with hundreds of suppliers through a number of tiers.

Mapping such a complex global network is essential to understand the full scope of the footwear supply chain; to identify risks and opportunities; and to enable stakeholders and management to make more informed decisions.


Leather Material Supply Chain Mapped for UK Footwear Brand, Hotter Shoes

Footwear supply chain mapping was recently carried out by BLC for Hotter Shoes; a British footwear company that designs, manufacturers and retails comfortable and stylish shoes around the world. BLC mapped the leather material supply chain on an international level.

BLC placed Hotter Shoes at the centre of the project, aligning all activities to Hotter Shoes’ objectives. BLC provided Hotter Shoes with an interactive map showing various groups of footwear suppliers around the world and produced a separate supply chain report with recommendations.


Customer testimonial on BLC’s footwear supply chain mapping:


Footwear supply chain mapping

 “Hotter is in the final stages of a five-year strategy to increase the capacity of our Lancashire factory and rationalise our global material partners, with the aim of improving the agility and compliance of our global supply chain, enhancing product quality and reducing costs.

In 2016 Hotter commissioned BLC to support our programme of supply chain mapping, and this partnership has helped us gain a deeper understanding our global network of suppliers delivering significant improvements to our business processes and transparency. Additionally, this work has supported our aim of only buying leather from Leather Working Group (LWG) certified tanneries.

We chose BLC because of their technical expertise and extensive knowledge of the leather industry and as a result of their mapping tool, we have been able to improve our regulatory compliance and simultaneously improve our management of materials as well as aiding us to make more informed sourcing decisions.”

– Robert Perkins, Chief Operating Officer, Hotter Shoes


Benefits of footwear supply chain mapping with BLC

Footwear supply chain mapping gives your business access to a UK-based company with a global reach, and over 95 years’ experience in the leather industry. BLC has the knowledge and expertise to provide brands, retailers and leather manufacturers with accurate supply chain reports and recommendations through the BLC Supply Chain Mapping Tool.

Footwear supply chain mapping with BLC will benefit your business through:

  • A customer lead project
  • A project scaled to fit your business requirements
  • Use of the BLC data gathering tool
  • Access to BLC’s global leather industry expertise
  • Own interactive geographical map
  • A risk analysis on your data
  • A stakeholder presentation of the final report
  • Software and data hosting

Contact BLC to map your footwear supply chain

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You can also read more about BLC supply chain mapping services and traceability systems in the leather industry.

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