UK Anti-Slavery Day

18th October 2018 will mark UK Anti-Slavery Day.

Now in its 8th year, UK Anti-Slavery Day aims to raise awareness of modern slavery issues and encourage businesses, and other stakeholders, to eradicate it in all of its forms, including forced labour, exploitation and human trafficking.

Globally, over 35 million people are believed to be subject to modern slavery. Of this number, an estimated 21 million people are in forced labour.

Sectors at high risk of modern slavery occurring in their supply chain include retail, textile and leather processing, garment and apparel manufacture.

BLC’s top recommendations for minimising modern slavery in your supply chain

Transparency is Key: Improve the transparency of your labour force; either your direct employees or in your wider supply chain. BLC’s Supply Chain Mapping tool is an ideal way of building transparency and assessing your value supply chain.

Knowledge & Engagement: Training employees on how to address modern slavery issues and what the risk signs are to look for can help eliminate risk in your workforce. BLC offers specialist expertise in promoting these principles within your supply chain.

Embed Best Practice: BLC can help you ensure your procurement procedures align with ethical sourcing frameworks and that company policies reflect accordingly. BLC can provide support in developing best practice management systems to not only achieve compliance with The Modern Slavery Act, but also enhance brand reputation.

For further information about how BLC can assist you in addressing modern slavery issues, please contact us via or call +44 (0)1604 679999


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