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Eurofins | BLC and APLF are pleased to announce that Silvateam, a global sustainable tannins producer will be sponsoring the Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain Conference Hong Kong 2019.

Increased scrutiny on various aspects of leather production places pressure on tanneries and leather manufacturers to develop and enhance processes with the aim of improving efficiency and sustainability, such as the production of sustainable tannins. Eric Poles, Global Sales Director at Silvateam, will be speaking on the benefits of producing tanning extracts in a sustainable way, including vegetable tanning.

Eric Poles, Global Sales Director

Eric graduated in Leather Technology at the National Leatherseller’s Centre in Northampton in 1984. He is passionate about leather tanning with an internationally well-recognized reputation in the world of vegetable extracts and leather chemicals.

Eric has been part of Silvateam since 1984, firstly as technician (1984 – 1990), then as Technical Director (1990 -2008) and now as Global Sales Director (2008 – today). Thanks to his 35 years’ experience, Eric has a strong knowledge in leather tanning technologies, in particular vegetable tanning and chrome-free leather tanning.

About Silvateam

Silvateam is recognised as the global market Ieader in the production of sustainable tannins since 1854. The company extracts only the best and most beneficial molecules crafted by nature and delivers high performing products based on the biochemistry of plants. lt is committed to making the real difference in today’s global change, switching from synthetic to natural sustainable chemistry and, thereby, restoring nature’s balance, threatened by excessive human exploitation.

The company is a family owned business with a turnover of over 140 million euros in 2017 and more than 800 employees among its manufacturing plants and branches in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Silvateam’s portfolio comprises all the types of product required to guarantee efficiency and sustainability throughout any leather making process. The main products are natural tannins extracted by different plants such as chestnut, quebracho and tara. Alongside these extracts the range includes synthetic tannins, special extracts, oils and fatliquors, tanning auxiliaries, resins, anionic dyes and beamhouse chemicals for the wet end. Silvateam has a partnership with Biofin to provide also finishing chemicals.

Read Silvateam’s full company profile.

Conference Agenda Topics

This year’s sustainability conference will focus on the following hot topics:

  • Recycled materials, new techniques and uses
  • Challenges of chemical compliance and recycled materials
  • Sustainability of the production of tanning extracts
  • Vegetable tanning and potential benefits
  • Industry impacts of raw material prices
  • Synthetic materials and alternative materials to leather
  • Consumer demands and vegan buying habits
  • ‘Generation Z’ perception of leather and projected market changes

Conference Rates

Single Delegate Rates
Standard: US$385
Eurofins | BLC Member/APLF Exhibitor: US$355

Multiple Delegate Rates (2nd & 3rd delegates etc)
Standard: US$370
Eurofins | BLC Member/APLF Exhibitor: US$340 

Discount Code for Members
If you are a Member, remember to login to the Eurofins | BLC website to obtain your discount code.

Register Your Place Today

To avoid missing out on this popular event, register online today. Simply complete the registration form on the APLF website.

If you have any questions about the registration process, email Chi On Kwok via

You can find out more about the Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain Conference online and for any questions about the event itself, please contact Peter Hughes via

Sustainable Tannins Producer Silvateam to Speak on the Benefits of Producing Sustainable Tanning Extracts

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